PlantPure Wellness Program

The PlantPure Wellness Program is designed to provide organizations with education and meals so that employees can learn about, experience, and sustain a plant-based lifestyle.

The program offers a three-tiered plan:

  • PlantPure Food Program provides employees access to affordable food (both frozen entrees and meal starters)
  • 21-Day Jumpstart provides education and motivation
  • 12-Month Weekly Continuing Educational Program provides ongoing coaching, cooking and additional education.

PlantPure Food Program

The PlantPure Food Program encourages employees to either begin or to continue eating a whole food plant-based diet, in a cost effective and convenient manner.  One of the main barriers to adopting this lifestyle is food preparation – with our Food Program this barrier is removed.



Jumpstart Program

The Jumpstart enables you to easily experience eating a completely plant-based diet for 10 or 21 days. Enjoy amazing health benefits, such as more energy and lower risk for many chronic diseases.



12-Month Continuing Education Program

A 12-month Continuing Education Program via weekly emails is designed to provide encouragement and motivation as well as link to additional educational and culinary content.



Interested in an individual Jumpstart?